What a let down ….iphone 5

I was really hopeing this would blow my mind  since im gonna have to be  using one 

for this holiday season at work 

but really apple an Iphone 4Stretch ….the only “WOW” Factor this has is the new screen tech 

really 5th app row ..ppffh 

4G LTE …Pffh

"Lightning " sync cable …pffh

talk about catching up to 

ios 6 is basically a skinned Jellybean update 

Android and Windows  


Sorry Apple i tried but i guess my main device is still going to be Nexus 

The only true News here IMO is the Free Iphone 4 on contract now

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We have way to much fun @ work lol

work best buy mobile Brian friend rapping lol

So today i was at work right



 and Born this way came on and I was like

……. then it begun

but then i remembered i  was at work and

but then i was like you know what

i love this song

and at the end of it i had a crowd like going and clapping

i walked up to them and asked if they need help …..6 new activations and 2 upgrades ****yes??!!!

LOL this is great, I should try it at my store and see if I get two activations, my boss would be so happy and not cussing all the time…

thats literately how i get most of my activations lol

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